Principle 9

Principle 9: Maintain governance structures and processes that are fit for purpose and support good decision-making by the board

The Board is made up of one Executive and two Non-Executive Directors. Biographies of each of the Directors can be found here. All the Directors bring independent judgement to bear on issues affecting the Group and all have full and timely access to information necessary to enable them to discharge their duties. The Directors have a wide and varying array of experience in the industry. The Board agrees a schedule of regular meetings to be held in each calendar year and also meets on other occasions as necessary. Meetings are held at the head office inDublin. Board meetings were held on 11 occasions during 2018. An agenda and supporting documentation was circulated in advance of each meeting.

There is an agreed list of matters which the Board has formally reserved to itself for decision including approval of the Group’s commercial strategy, trading and capital budgets, financial statements, Board membership, acquisitions and disposals, major capital expenditure, risk management and treasury policies. Responsibility for certain matters is delegated to Board Committees. There is an agreed procedure for Directors to take independent legal advice. The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that Board procedures are followed, and all Directors have direct access to the Company Secretary. All Directors receive regular Group management financial statements and reports and full Board papers are sent to each Director in sufficient time before Board meetings, and any further supporting papers and information are readily available to all Directors on request. The Board papers include the minutes of all committees of the Board which have been held since the previous Board meeting, and, the chairman of each committee is available to give a report on the committee’s proceedings at Board meetings if appropriate. The Board has a process whereby each year every Director meets the
Chairman to review the conduct of Board meetings and the general corporate governance of the Group. The Chairman (Mr. Pat Plunkett) is Non-Executive. The Non-Executive Directors are independent of management and have no material interest or other relationship with the Group. Each year, one third of the Directors retire from the Board by rotation and every Director is subject to this rule. Effectively, therefore, each Director will retire by rotation within each three-year period.


Board Committees

The Board has implemented an effective committee structure to assist in the discharge of its responsibilities. All committees of the Board have written terms of reference dealing with their authority and duties. Membership of the Audit, Remuneration and Nomination Committees is comprised exclusively of Non-Executive Directors. The Company Secretary acts as secretary to each of these committees.