Principle 3

Principle 3: Take into account wider stakeholder and social responsibilities and their implications for long-term success

The Company recognises it has a significant number of important stakeholders that are core to the successful execution of Providence’s strategy and that the Company’s success and performance in turn has an impact on these stakeholders.  The list of stakeholders is non-exhaustive and includes Employees, Shareholders, Advisors, Partners, Regulators and Service Suppliers.  The Directors and management promote a culture of open dialogue with all stakeholders and have a demonstrable track record of considering and using stakeholder feedback as part of the Company’s development and growth. The Directors are aware of the Company’s responsibilities to the communities within which Providence operates and as such, always strive to maintain a positive and beneficial dialogue with those communities.  The environmental impact of the Company’s activities is carefully considered, and the maintenance of high environmental and safety standards is a priority.