Principle 10

Principle 10: Communicate how the company is governed and is performing by maintaining a dialogue with shareholders and other relevant stakeholders


There is regular dialogue with institutional shareholders and presentations are made at the time of the release of the annual and interim results. The Company encourages communication with private shareholders throughout the year and welcomes their participation at general meetings. The Company’s website is This website is regularly updated. All Board members attend the Annual General Meeting and are available to answer questions. Separate resolutions are proposed on substantially different issues and the agenda of business to be conducted at the Annual General Meeting includes a resolution to receive and consider the Annual Report and Accounts. The chairmen of the Board’s committees will also be available at the Annual General Meeting. The Board regards the Annual General Meeting as a particularly important opportunity for shareholders, Directors and management to meet and exchange views. Notice of the Annual General Meeting together with the Annual Report and accounts is sent to shareholders in accordance with the Constitution of the Company and details of the proxy votes for and against each resolution are announced after the result of the hand vote.